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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Elastic energy

This term for a week we have been making 2 things that use elastic energy, the other thing we also used one thing that was a big wimp because it didn't use elastic energy.

The first thing I made was a flipping frog. It used cardboard, a rubber band and sellotape. It relied on the elastic energy to fling it up like a frog. The elastic energy came from  from the rubber band.

Second we had the projectile launcher. It would fire heavy balls. When it does that you could measure it would have the option of medium range or long range and short range.
The best angle was 30 on Medium range and the worst angle was 90.

Last but not least we had the rocket launchers it uses elastic bands, sticks and paper. This one used the elastic band to fling the rocket so it was also basically one of the top priorities.

The best angle was 30 on Medium range and the worst angle was 90.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Trebuchet vs Onager

Charlie and I are learning about projectiles this term, the trebuchet and onsager's similarities and differences.

Even though they both chuck things into the air, that doesn't mean they're the same thing.  One is bigger than the other so already they’re not the same. Another reason is the trebuchet uses weight to power it and the onager uses rope power to power it.

The trebuchet goes higher than the onager because the trebuchet has a higher arch. Quick fact the onager used to be used to smash castles to smithereens.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Camp experience 😵

When my group and I were in high ropes on the first morning at YMCA camp, I was surprised that I could do it. If you haven't heard last year in 2016 I cut my hand on an wineglass and severed all my tendons. Even now I don't have full movement in it,  so it was quite a challenge. I could only get past one activity on the high ropes so it wasn't that impressive for people who can do them all. I reckon it helped my hand because it has improved from before camp.

On the first night at camp before dinner, I had a shower but when I went in there my hands were real muddy, so I washed them. When I went to dry them they didn't have paper towels or one of them fancy electric dryers. I didn't want to ruin my  clothes by wiping my my hands on them so I went back to my cabin and just dried my hands on my sleeping bag.  That was stupid because my sleeping bag wouldn't dry out when it's about -10 degrees outside. So that night I slept in a soggy sleeping bag.

On day 2 at YMCA camp after a hard activity work out at orienteering, we had fattening food break. I was really excited because yesterday I had lost my appetite after looking at the cookies at the supermarket I hate ! But today was a treat, my mouth was watering I could hardly resist, and 321 dig in. Gobble smack smack and that was only one chocolate finger. I would wonder what it will sound like with 20 but just as I was thinking that it hit me like a lightning bolt with a hint of thunder. We were only allowed something like 5 let alone 20. Bummer. “Yay” I said in a sarcastic voice. “Two chocolate fingers.”

I enjoyed camp because I challenged myself on the high ropes it  was hard for me because I cut all my tendons, so my fingers don't have movement.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

iPod o'clock.

Ring, ring, ring! “iPod o’clock,” I said to myself, walking down the hallway,  peeking through a gap in Mum's and Dad’s door. Of course they weren't in there. They were downstairs numbing their brains on TV (and they told me it was bad to watch too much!). It was my 4 year old sister Olivia I was concerned about. Her mouth may look little but immensely loud words come out. Luckily she was asleep. I snuck past her, opening the cupboard I had stashed my iPod in. Sprinting back to my bedroom, I made sure everyone else was asleep.

Finally I would be able to play on my iPod without interruption. That is, unless mum or dad decided to come up to check on me. That’s why you need to be prepared people, like I am whenever I do this sort of thing! I'm always listening for creaks on the stairs because that means dad or mum are coming, so if you're thinking of fixing your stairs for that sort of reason, I would recommend you don’t!

So back to the iPod, after winning the first match on Clash Royale I heard a creak in the stairs. Off course that meant to chuck my iPod somewhere but just as it was flying through the air, dad walked in.  Luckily the light was of and the case on the iPod was black so he couldn't see it. But he might be able to hear it thudding on the ground so just as it hit the ground I said “Hi dad,” in hopefully an innocent voice.  Dad walked off with a puzzled expression on his face. Now I had to go get my iPod.

After I did 5or6 battles (winning them all) it was about 10:00pm, the normal time I go to bed. I put my iPod in a place I'll remember for tomorrow night.

I reckon this writing is multi-structural because i gave my punctuation a good go and I may or may not have got it correct.
I also didn't use any from my bright sparks, so my goal for next time is to use at least on word from it.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Science experiment .

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
Today I rated myself at multi-structural for making slime and then tipping it on Mr Anderson because I was thinking about the slime and I reckon the slime was sticky, messy and cold.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
Jonty and I got put in a group to do an rocket balloon experiment. We failed in many ways: first of all the balloon popped. For seconds the string snapped and third of all the string snapped again.  Then finally we got it set up but then it was pack up time. So we did nothing. ☹️

Week three: balloon rocket experiment
Jonty, Kingston, Brent, Tom and set up all our stuff for another week of the balloon rocket experiment but this time. We were using fishing wire and we put a piece of paper on the front of the balloon we recon it span and then went like 2 centimeters.
When we set It up again because the fishing line is see through a biker biked through it and broke it.

Week four: trebuchet
On a Thursday afternoon a few people and I were playing with the trebuchet. For the first test we put in six weights and our projectile was a tennis ball. We fired it, after we measured it went 19m. Then we did it again, this time with 8 weights with the same projectile. For some reason it went 16m less than the first one even though we put more weights in hmmmmmmm. So we did that a few more
times our highest meters was 30 with 12 weights. But when we changed the object  it wasn't working and we ended up doing two misfires, I think that was because we didn't use enough weight so there wasn't enough centrifugal force. I reckon my over all reflection in collecting data was multi-structural because I collected lots of information and it may or may not been correct.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Term reflection

At the start of the term I was unistructural, because I only picked up rubbish, I didn't care about doing anything else (I was a bit lazy). Now that we have learnt why we should do I changed my attitude to relational because I know heaps of different ways to care for the environment and why I should do it, for instance I pick up rubbish (obviously), I don't litter and I walk as much as I can to stop gas pollution. Then people will copy me,  then people will copy the person who copied me and soon every body will be doing it and the environment will be clean.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Responsible citizen

A responsible citizen cares for the environment. One way a responsible citizen cares for the environment is by reducing the amount of water he or she uses. When you are brushing your teeth, turn off the water and fix any leaks around your home. Another way of caring for the environment is by reducing pollution by travelling by bike, scooter or walking whenever possible. This has the added bonus of keeping you healthy by burning off some extra calories. Driving a diesel car produces as much pollution as a bus, so if you need to travel by car, drive a petrol one. Better still buy an electric car!

A responsible citizen follows rules and laws.  If most people didn’t obey rules and the law there would be chaos as people would not be able to agree on how things should be done and so nothing would get done. There would be conflict which would lead to fighting and may be another world war!

Responsible citizens show manaakitanga. This means they show respect for each other and care for each other. Keeping someone company when they are having a tough time is a way of showing manaakitanga.

If we all try to be responsible citizens, step by step we will grow stronger communities and protect our environment.